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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mysterious Ways

There has been knitting! Whoo! I finished the first of the Boy-O socks, and willingly cast on for the second. No pics, tho, until he's got a pair.
The sock knitters at the office insist that I could, in fact, come to love the sock making if I only applied myself to the two socks on two circs method. The very thought, however, makes me cry. In one of my very first posts, I lamented that I'd ever heard of such a thing (I was attempting to knit both sleeves of a sweater for the hubster. Two years later, I still haven't finished it). I think I know better at this point.

There's more knitting that I can't show you yet:

Both work-related. I hate to be such a tease, but I hope you'll like them when they're done.

Speaking of work, you may recall that I mentioned finishing a project that drained every ounce of sanity from my poor, weary body. Well here she is:

'They' say that you forget the pain of giving birth once the babe is in your arms. While I certainly am not qualified to speak to that, I can tell you that right now, I'm just really proud that I managed to create something lovely, though I am no expert at the socks. That feeling of soul-sucking mania? Not so much.
(Guess I'd better get back to the Boy-O's sock while this sense of pride lasts!)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Best Parts of My Work Day

Xena is quite the little charmer. As a result, we've shared my lunch more than once.
Unfortunately for her, her mama has got her on a diet, so no more treats!

The Wall Oh! Yarn

These shelves hold samples of all the KP yarns, from laceweight to superbulky.
It always impresses the knitters who visit. (Truthfully, it impresses me, too: it is an amazing resource.)
When planning upcoming projects for the catalogs/web site, invariably we end up going through at least one of the sample bins. For a yarn freak such as myself, that's always the best part.


Monday, March 19, 2007

Paying the Piper

No glorious shots of spring flowers today, my pretties, as the weather - in a word - sucketh.
It is cold*, it is wet and the house smells like a barn, complete with wet dog. Ick.

Still, some heat is being generated:

I've always found the foot to be a bit of a slog. Once the heel's been turned, there's not much more excitement ahead. So frequent trying-on commences. It is a little thrilling to see the foot of my beloved safely ensconced in my handiwork.
(Though the ungrateful wretch was heard to say that this was indeed quite nice, but "I really like that brown pair you started for me. When you gonna finish those?")
Grrr. Arrrgh.

(*Yes, Mom-O, I know 54F doesn't actually constitute cold. However, in my defense, I wore a skirt three days ago. Voluntarily. Now I'd be a drenched, sodden fool for attempting such a thing.)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Spring Hath Sprung

This is the lovely little tree that grows on our lawn and totally makes my week every time I see it. Ah, spring!

In fact, our whole street is blooming:

I am entirely, unreasonably delighted with the blooms, and the weather, and the general sense of possibility trembling in the air. It soothes my soul in a much-needed fashion.

Yarnwise, I am continuing the non-red and purple path I've been set on. I am still plugging away at the Create A Long project (details are being posted there), despite the serious temptation of the Elfin Goth sweater:

The elusive CotLin. (I know some of you are looking for it; it will be back soon.)

And even though it's practically summer (yes, I know it isn't really, but can you blame me with all those blossoms?), I also snagged myself some alpaca-y goodness:

For the record, that lime green pillow does not officially reside on that pink & white couch. We are sometimes daring in our decorating choices, but not crazy.)

10 skeins of Andean Treasure in a rousing orange for a long-overdue project. I think it will be smarvy.

As the CAL project is not in an especially portable phase, the sock knitting continues :

Not being a sock knitter, it has taken a little while for me to loosen my death grip on the needles. Now that I've done so, progress is rather easier.
Heel flap mostly done, (just using regular heel stitch, though I've discovered I prefer the eye of partridge version). Still, I can't believe I've actually got this far on a sock before stabbing myself in the hand with a skinny pointy needle in order to avoid continuing giving up.
This feels miraculous. Undoubtedly, it's spring fever.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Clean Up Woman

(Anyone else remember that song? Don't tell me my parents were the only ones listening to that bluesy, blue-lights-in-the-basement stuff.)

Any ways, I meant this post title in terms of tidying up a loose end.
Previously, I made mention of a certain birthday present I purchased for myself. I was in the yarn shop with my Boy-O (who had been bribed with delicious cupcakes), showing him the fabulous hot pink yarn I was certain it was my destiny to buy. He said - and this is a quote now - "Ehh."
Says I, "Okay, then, how about this lovely red stuff here?"
Says he, "You always pick those colors."
Me: Nuh-uhh."
Him: "Uh-huh."
(Yes. We are like four-year-olds. So what?)
This went on for a little, until he challenged me to think of a recently finished project that wasn't red or purple.

Me: "..."

So what did I do instead?

(Take that, ornery spouse!)

A small stash of Berocco Glace in Claudia-worthy orange (purchased for 50% off at the amazing Lint), which I hope will become this:

The beautiful drop stitch tank from Glampyre's lovely new book Fitted Knits.
There are other pieces in there that may perhaps be more practical, but this one is just calling my name. After my Create Along piece is done, I think this is next.

There was also some amazing clean up action in the office last week. Our bookshelves were full to bursting and room needed to be made. Of course, this means some lovely things made their way to my home.

Fabulous book I'd meant to purchase ages ago and somehow never did, some Vittadini leaflets, some old Rowans and Boutons d'Or...

More Rowans (including the amazing babies book - whoo!) and some Jaeger leaflets (why are these so hard to find?Can I be the only one who loves Martin Storey like that?)...

And the most awesome scores of all:

I am not worthy of the knittery goodness bestowed upon me.
But I'm still giddy with delight...


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Surprisingly Lovely

What a delightful weekend.

Tom Tom wondering if there's gonna be a treat involved in all this posing...

...while Bel's just happy to be alive (yes, that's her happy face).

Taking a tip from Mariko, yesterday the Boy-O & I made our way out to the 'burbs for a visit to Uwajimaya. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, Uwajimaya is a combination Asian grocery store/gift shop/bookstore/restaurant/travel agency/make-up shop.
It is fun, noisy and unbelievably cool. I'm so bitter about not remembering to bring my camera! (Arrgh!).

We lunched at the restaurant (the spicy tuna roll with shrimp tempura was AWESOME*), and wandered around the bookstore. Figuring I can read charts if not kanji, I decided I'd treat myself to a new knitting book. After ages and ages of flipping through several books, I saw one or two things that looked intriguing, but nothing I desperately wanted. I thought I might like to get a book on kimono, but for that I really needed something I could read.

Just as I've given up, my boy says to me, "Oh yeah, didn't I tell you there was a section of books in English around the corner here?" Grr. I ended up with several Dover editions of traditional ethnic patterns. I figure they'll prove inspirational.
After wandering round the grocery portion of the store, though, I also ended up with Pocky, chocolate covered macadamia nuts, and a strange basil seed and honey drink that even the dogs won't touch. Ah, well: two for three isn't bad.

Today was just as good. We took the dogs for a lovely, long jaunt around the peninsula (believe it or not, one of the best views in our area is the wastewater treatment plant) and came home happy, tired and still in love. Best way to be, eh?

And the biggest surprise of the weekend?

This ball of Lana Cervinia "Forever" has bewitched me: I can't seem to stop knitting this sock. **
Alert the media.

*I famously DO NOT LIKE sushi. This has been something of a sore point in the course of my marriage, but fortunately, the boy loves me more than fish. Everyone now: "Awww."
** I like knitting socks even less than sushi.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Cute Loot

I somehow neglected to blog the awesome birthday gift I received from the MIL:

Sorry for the cut off head - I didn't want y'all to have to suffer looking up my nose...

This little cowl is warm and soft and snuggly; and just right for those (all-too frequent) days when I forget to wear a hat or wrap.
Thanks, Mom-O!

Other b-day treasures included a trip to my new favorite restaurant and - of course - some yarn to which I treated myself. (Did that sentence make any breed of sense? Not likely.) Anyway, I will show it off when it arrives...