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Monday, March 12, 2007

Clean Up Woman

(Anyone else remember that song? Don't tell me my parents were the only ones listening to that bluesy, blue-lights-in-the-basement stuff.)

Any ways, I meant this post title in terms of tidying up a loose end.
Previously, I made mention of a certain birthday present I purchased for myself. I was in the yarn shop with my Boy-O (who had been bribed with delicious cupcakes), showing him the fabulous hot pink yarn I was certain it was my destiny to buy. He said - and this is a quote now - "Ehh."
Says I, "Okay, then, how about this lovely red stuff here?"
Says he, "You always pick those colors."
Me: Nuh-uhh."
Him: "Uh-huh."
(Yes. We are like four-year-olds. So what?)
This went on for a little, until he challenged me to think of a recently finished project that wasn't red or purple.

Me: "..."

So what did I do instead?

(Take that, ornery spouse!)

A small stash of Berocco Glace in Claudia-worthy orange (purchased for 50% off at the amazing Lint), which I hope will become this:

The beautiful drop stitch tank from Glampyre's lovely new book Fitted Knits.
There are other pieces in there that may perhaps be more practical, but this one is just calling my name. After my Create Along piece is done, I think this is next.

There was also some amazing clean up action in the office last week. Our bookshelves were full to bursting and room needed to be made. Of course, this means some lovely things made their way to my home.

Fabulous book I'd meant to purchase ages ago and somehow never did, some Vittadini leaflets, some old Rowans and Boutons d'Or...

More Rowans (including the amazing babies book - whoo!) and some Jaeger leaflets (why are these so hard to find?Can I be the only one who loves Martin Storey like that?)...

And the most awesome scores of all:

I am not worthy of the knittery goodness bestowed upon me.
But I'm still giddy with delight...



  • I do remember that song too, by Betty Wright, I think? I grew up in the South, so the local radio station always played blues, as well as r&b, gospel, jazz, etc. I should say the local black station. So different from today's music where it has to fit into a niche or it isn't played. I'm trying to get away from my "standard" colors too. The orange is beautiful and that is a great pattern by Stefanie. That's wonderful that you got so many great books.

    By Blogger Wanda, at 10:21 PM  

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