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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Surprisingly Lovely

What a delightful weekend.

Tom Tom wondering if there's gonna be a treat involved in all this posing...

...while Bel's just happy to be alive (yes, that's her happy face).

Taking a tip from Mariko, yesterday the Boy-O & I made our way out to the 'burbs for a visit to Uwajimaya. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, Uwajimaya is a combination Asian grocery store/gift shop/bookstore/restaurant/travel agency/make-up shop.
It is fun, noisy and unbelievably cool. I'm so bitter about not remembering to bring my camera! (Arrgh!).

We lunched at the restaurant (the spicy tuna roll with shrimp tempura was AWESOME*), and wandered around the bookstore. Figuring I can read charts if not kanji, I decided I'd treat myself to a new knitting book. After ages and ages of flipping through several books, I saw one or two things that looked intriguing, but nothing I desperately wanted. I thought I might like to get a book on kimono, but for that I really needed something I could read.

Just as I've given up, my boy says to me, "Oh yeah, didn't I tell you there was a section of books in English around the corner here?" Grr. I ended up with several Dover editions of traditional ethnic patterns. I figure they'll prove inspirational.
After wandering round the grocery portion of the store, though, I also ended up with Pocky, chocolate covered macadamia nuts, and a strange basil seed and honey drink that even the dogs won't touch. Ah, well: two for three isn't bad.

Today was just as good. We took the dogs for a lovely, long jaunt around the peninsula (believe it or not, one of the best views in our area is the wastewater treatment plant) and came home happy, tired and still in love. Best way to be, eh?

And the biggest surprise of the weekend?

This ball of Lana Cervinia "Forever" has bewitched me: I can't seem to stop knitting this sock. **
Alert the media.

*I famously DO NOT LIKE sushi. This has been something of a sore point in the course of my marriage, but fortunately, the boy loves me more than fish. Everyone now: "Awww."
** I like knitting socks even less than sushi.

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