The Amazing Adventures of Tom and Bel

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Living Up to One's Potential

On the one hand, I've just spent the last twenty minutes de-spamming my comments, so yes, Dick0369, you really are living up to your moniker.

On the other hand, it actually got me to write a blog post, so hey - silver lining on that there cloud, eh?

If anyone's still out there, hi! I can summarize what's gone on as follows: Xmas holidays, house stuff, toddler birthday/general wrangling, house stuff, kid stuff, house stuff, cold/allergy, kid stuff, house stuff, cold/allergy, kid stuff, bla bla bla --now you're up to date on the last two months. I totally miss knitting -- haven't had enough time to wrap my mind around anything, so there's been precious little of that these days.
Though I did a set of mittens for Twisted that I think turned out nicely.