The Amazing Adventures of Tom and Bel

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Comedy Gold

While the baby mostly adds color to our lives in the form of grunts, belches and, to put it delicately, bursts of "wind," the big kids are often full of a special charm all their own.

Picture this: Saturday morning. Boy-O & I are attempting to sleep in. Neither the niece or the nephew understands this concept.
There is a knock on the bedroom door.
Me: Unhh?
T: Can me and my sister have a orange?
Me: We don't have any oranges, dude. And it's "an orange."
T: (Goes away).

Two minutes later, another knock:
Me: Yes?
T: Can we have some criss-criss?
Me: What?
T: Some criss-criss?
Me: Baby, what are you talking about?
T: You know, what we had for dinner last night?
Me: You mean cous cous?
T: Yeah, can we have some of that?

Another morning, getting ready for school:
T: Uncle [Boy-O], what was that you called me the other day? Black sergeant?
Boy-O & I: What? What are you talking about? (This is a recurring theme in our house.)
T: The other day, you called me black sergeant or something.
Boy-O: No, honey. I said Sergeant Pepper because of the jacket you were wearing.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Binky Says It All


Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Recap

7:50: Shove DH and oldest children out of door. Feel smug that they don't really need you, they just like it. Remember that floral delivery is expected today.

7:51-8:49: Try to settle baby down for first nap. Tempt her with offers of fully paid college tuition and ice sculptures for her wedding.

8:49: Congratulate yourself on getting babe into bassinet without waking her. You injure arm while patting yourself on the back.

8:50: Realize that day would go more smoothly if you put some clothes on. Put on t-shirt. Look for underpants.

8:52: Decide to steal DH's underpants, since pregnancy plumpness is still present and all of yours are tight.

8:53: Forget task at hand; check email.

8:55: Doorbell rings, sending dogs into frenzy. You see florist guy through picture window and wave frantically with one hand while attempting to restrain both dogs with other.

8:59: Fling open door to florist. Allow sneaky dog to lick florist while locking other dog in laundry room.

9:00: Sneaky dog escapes when transfer of flowers is made. Curse bitterly. Start out door to chase dog, but stop as you realize you are wearing a t-shirt and DH's underpants.

9:01: Florist guy chases dog while you search desperately for normal, adult woman pants.

9:02: Florist guy returns your sneaky dog, who strolls in nonchalantly. Realize you cannot even tip very deserving florist guy/dog wrangler, as you are still standing there with pants in hand and your wallet is in an entirely different part of house. He politely waves you off.

9:03 Die of shame.

And how was your holiday?


Sunday, February 03, 2008

Thank you, Baba

Since I can't show off my knitting, and since I am SlackerMom (tm) when it comes to knitting for my kid (the cobbler's child and all that), I am showing off the awesome knitting done by baby Z's Nana:

This adorable creation is Blu from the winter 2005 Knitty.

The cute little details delight me beyond all reason.

I am in awe of their utter cuteness. They are definitely going into the heirloom box.


Saturday, February 02, 2008

Mad About The Girl

A sick spouse and a snow day conspired to keep me away from the grand opening of Yarnia today, but I can't say as I minded too much. My darling Boy-O still gave me an hour to run off by myself and it was just what the doctor ordered.

Secret knitting continues apace. Since I can't show y'all that, I'll distract with more cute photos.

My current favorite photo of the kid:

Freshly washed little girl.

Boy-O and Bean.

Lest you think she is effortlessly photogenic, I assure you, there is careful editing here at Chez Boy-O. For every good pic, there are ten like this:

Smartypants smirk.

Or this:

Milk up the nose.

It's a hard job being that adorable, but someone's gotta do it!