The Amazing Adventures of Tom and Bel

Monday, June 27, 2005

Moooooooom! She's knitting again!

FINALLY, I have knitting to report. It's been going on the whole while, but there was just nothing worthy of yakking about. I present to you the Red Side Trip:

Please excuse the lousy shot and the shiny white bra. It's early here and it's too hot to breathe.
Pattern: my own
Yarn: 6 skeins red Cotton Classic on US#7 (4.5mm needles) for 40" bust

A more polite shot of the finished red side trip. Overall, I'm pleased with it. It was quick to knit, especially at the looser gauge I'm experimenting with - normally I'd not use anything larger than a US#6 for this yarn - and I love the twisted cable rib and square neckline.
I am will probably add a mitered rib to the neck edge - it feels a bit too unfinished.

And in a great show of discipline, I'm back to the purple merino cardi.

As promised, despite the heat and the lure of a recycled cotton project that's calling my name.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Wombat Luv

Again, short but sweet: the Boy-O & I are off to have some beer pick strawberries in the fields of Wisconsin with the in-laws. Should be interesting, if nothing else.

In the meanwhile, check this out:
I am not responsible for spitting or snorting of beverages. You've been warned. ;-P

Thursday, June 23, 2005


Just a quick post to say all's well in the land of Tom & Bel -- we've been terribly busy, but we're good. I had to fly to Chicago on Tuesday for a work meeting (schmooze with vendors/re-unite with former teammates) and the crazy flight times stripped me of the will to do anything that wasn't sleep. Then yesterday, I had an external event that went well (despite some behind-the-scenes chaos that was mostly due to one massive ego) last night and a board meeting for the Greenway tonight. Should be fun!

More to come when I've got more time...

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Someone Left The Cake Out

I love Donna Summer. I really do. Anyone who could make disco that fun is all right with me.

But it wasn't MacArthur's Park that called to us; instead, we visited lovely Loring Park in the midst of an all-too-brief string of golden days.
(Mary in Boston - these are for you!)

Just across the street from Loring Park is the Basilica of St Mary, home to the biggest annual drunken party street festival sponsored by a church...

The Walker Art Center and it's giant new addition. I can't say that I like it, exactly -- we sorta think it looks like a wadded up Kleenex -- but it definitely makes a Statement.

This lump of feathers in the tree (look closely) is actually a beautfiul crane. We weren't fast enough to catch it in flight.

Lovely, lovely gardens. I adore this park.

This is my picture of the Loring Park dandelion sculpture...

And these are the hubster's. This is why he is the family photographer, and I stick to the knitting. ;-P

You can't see it, but I am knitting away on the red side-trip tank. I ran out of yarn briefly, but was saved (!?!?) by a yarn sale. But that's another post...

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Who's a Bookish Girl?

With apologies to Wendy for stealing her title, this post is mostly for my SP5 pal, who asked, among other questions, which knitting books I own.

It's quite the can of worms, my friend. The list, to say the least, is long:
  • Mostly Technical
    • All of the Threads Knitting books
    • June Hemmons Hiatt: The Principles of Knitting
    • Ida Duncan Riley: Progressive Knitting
    • Deborah Newton: Designing Knitwear
    • Elizabeth Zimmerman: Knitting w/o Tears, Knitter's Almanac
    • Barbara Walker: All four stitich Treasuries, Knitting From The Top
    • Elsebeth Lavold: Viking Patterns for Knitting
  • Mostly Patterns
    • Alice & Jade Starmore: The Celtic Collection, Charts for Colour Knitting, Stillwater, In The Hebrides, Aran Knitting, Tudor Roses,A Collector's Item, AS's Book of Fair Isle Knitting
    • Vogue Knitting: Bags & Backpacks
    • Debbie Bliss: Celtic Knits, Nautical Knits
    • Marianne Kinzel: First (and Second) Book of Modern Lace Knitting
    • Meg Swansen: Meg Swansen's Knitting
    • Jean Moss: Designer Knits
    • Eugene & Ann Bourgeois: Fair Isle Simplified
    • Kristin Nicholas: Knitting the New Classics, Knitting Today's Classics
    • The Editors of Vogue: Very Easy Knits
    • Melanie Falick: Knitting in America
    • Herring & Manners: Knitting Masterpieces
    • Lily Chin: The Urban Knitter, Mosaic Afghans Made Easy
    • Nancy Bush: Folk Knitting in Estonia, The sock book
    • Zoe Mellor: Colorful Knits
    • Kaffe Fassett: Glorious Knits, Kaffe's Classics
    • Jil Eaton: Minnow Knits
    • Homespun, Handknit
    • Kaori O'Connor: Creative Knitting
    • Desert Designs
Plus every issue of Interweave Knits ever released, and a complete collection of Vogue Knitting since 1988.
Obsess much? Who, Me?

Friday, June 03, 2005

Happy, Happy Birthday Baby

My adorable sister Courtney is turning 21 today. I still remember being told that she was on the way. At the tender age of 11, all I could think was, "Damn! I wanted a puppy!"

But she quickly wormed her way into my heart with her serious demeanor and her chubby little cheeks. It was (and sometimes still is) like talking to a younger version of myself. How could I resist that kind of charm?

She's stood by me through thick and thin (both hers and mine!) and has the most loving and generous heart. She even forgave me for stealing her favorite blue sweater before she could wear it (heck - I *made* her one! I'm sure she got the better deal in the end). What a doll.

SO what's a girl to do but post embarrassing pictures of her favorite little sis as she turns 21? I'm proud to be her sister - I'm thrilled to be her friend. Happy birthhday, boo.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Over The River

Spent yesterday in St Paul with my new co-worker/partner in crime. I'm so glad she's here! This looks like the start of a lovely partnership. Forgot to bring the digital, though, so no pics of the lovely little town.

While my Harlot-y goodness obviously struck a chord (thanks, Ginger!), I really do intend to go back to the purple cardi ASAP. Not to mention some fabulous socks I'm making for someone special.
(No details, yet - but, Honey? It's not you. Sorry, boo bear.)
I really would like to finish at least some of the umpteen projects I've got laying about the place in various states of disrepair.
So what's a masochist woman looking for inspiration to do? Why, of course, survey the blogs of others who've actually finished projects she's started/is lusting after!
Man's Basketweave Pullover: Discover the utter fabulousness of Ms. Chelsea. Look at her crafty goodness, and despair.
VK Wrapped Lace Cardigan: Sharlene rules in her lovely cardi. Go, Mommio!
Flame Stitch Cardi: Damn you, Rachel - I didn't even like that sweater til I saw it on you! And that luscious pink makes me want strawberry ice cream like it even more.

I'm in the home stretch on the red side trip tank top -- pics soon!