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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Over The River

Spent yesterday in St Paul with my new co-worker/partner in crime. I'm so glad she's here! This looks like the start of a lovely partnership. Forgot to bring the digital, though, so no pics of the lovely little town.

While my Harlot-y goodness obviously struck a chord (thanks, Ginger!), I really do intend to go back to the purple cardi ASAP. Not to mention some fabulous socks I'm making for someone special.
(No details, yet - but, Honey? It's not you. Sorry, boo bear.)
I really would like to finish at least some of the umpteen projects I've got laying about the place in various states of disrepair.
So what's a masochist woman looking for inspiration to do? Why, of course, survey the blogs of others who've actually finished projects she's started/is lusting after!
Man's Basketweave Pullover: Discover the utter fabulousness of Ms. Chelsea. Look at her crafty goodness, and despair.
VK Wrapped Lace Cardigan: Sharlene rules in her lovely cardi. Go, Mommio!
Flame Stitch Cardi: Damn you, Rachel - I didn't even like that sweater til I saw it on you! And that luscious pink makes me want strawberry ice cream like it even more.

I'm in the home stretch on the red side trip tank top -- pics soon!


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