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Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Recap

7:50: Shove DH and oldest children out of door. Feel smug that they don't really need you, they just like it. Remember that floral delivery is expected today.

7:51-8:49: Try to settle baby down for first nap. Tempt her with offers of fully paid college tuition and ice sculptures for her wedding.

8:49: Congratulate yourself on getting babe into bassinet without waking her. You injure arm while patting yourself on the back.

8:50: Realize that day would go more smoothly if you put some clothes on. Put on t-shirt. Look for underpants.

8:52: Decide to steal DH's underpants, since pregnancy plumpness is still present and all of yours are tight.

8:53: Forget task at hand; check email.

8:55: Doorbell rings, sending dogs into frenzy. You see florist guy through picture window and wave frantically with one hand while attempting to restrain both dogs with other.

8:59: Fling open door to florist. Allow sneaky dog to lick florist while locking other dog in laundry room.

9:00: Sneaky dog escapes when transfer of flowers is made. Curse bitterly. Start out door to chase dog, but stop as you realize you are wearing a t-shirt and DH's underpants.

9:01: Florist guy chases dog while you search desperately for normal, adult woman pants.

9:02: Florist guy returns your sneaky dog, who strolls in nonchalantly. Realize you cannot even tip very deserving florist guy/dog wrangler, as you are still standing there with pants in hand and your wallet is in an entirely different part of house. He politely waves you off.

9:03 Die of shame.

And how was your holiday?



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