The Amazing Adventures of Tom and Bel

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Comedy Gold

While the baby mostly adds color to our lives in the form of grunts, belches and, to put it delicately, bursts of "wind," the big kids are often full of a special charm all their own.

Picture this: Saturday morning. Boy-O & I are attempting to sleep in. Neither the niece or the nephew understands this concept.
There is a knock on the bedroom door.
Me: Unhh?
T: Can me and my sister have a orange?
Me: We don't have any oranges, dude. And it's "an orange."
T: (Goes away).

Two minutes later, another knock:
Me: Yes?
T: Can we have some criss-criss?
Me: What?
T: Some criss-criss?
Me: Baby, what are you talking about?
T: You know, what we had for dinner last night?
Me: You mean cous cous?
T: Yeah, can we have some of that?

Another morning, getting ready for school:
T: Uncle [Boy-O], what was that you called me the other day? Black sergeant?
Boy-O & I: What? What are you talking about? (This is a recurring theme in our house.)
T: The other day, you called me black sergeant or something.
Boy-O: No, honey. I said Sergeant Pepper because of the jacket you were wearing.



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