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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Too Darn Hot

I'M still making progress with the cardi, but that train is slowing down due to the abysmal hot weather. Having suffered through many a Minnesota Winter - and trust me, it does deserve capital letters - I feel strongly that I oughtn't complain.
However, the heat is making the yarn stick to me, and there's very little in my daily life that makes me okay with yarn adhering to my flesh. Feh. So the cardi waits for those moments when I can live in the air conditioning.

So I'm swatching the Imagine again (on 4.5mm/US7s now, as the fabric was so stiff on the 4.0mm/US6s) and playing around with this new software I got from Artfibers. I've been wanting to do more knit designing, and I think it will be very helpful to get the math parts done - thus allwoing more of my limited time to be spent on the creative bits.

And just because, a rare sighting of my beloved and me:

Me & the Boy-O on my mom's couch. I'm reading, he's reverting to his natural state.

I'm sure we'll be doing exactly the same thing in thirty years' time.


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