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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sublimity - it's not just a town in Oregon

We had a lovely time at the library gala:

Apparently I had a lovelier time than most.

There was music:

The Twin Cities Gay Men's Chorus. These boys were divine.

And then there was music:

I think the band was playing Aerosmith at this point. And yes, there are some grandmas down there getting down with there bad selves.

Everyone who attended had a book listed on their name tag. When you found your book, there was a lovely surprise:

This represents your contribution to the library. I think it's cute, but I am easily amused.

The next day was the official public opening. Though I was there for work, I did capture a couple of neat moments on my breaks:

Bat Girl & Elvis (both former library staffers).

The teen center is awesome. It's like a super cool bar/lounge. Except in the library. And you can't drink, because you're a teenager. (That didn't stop us on Friday night, of course.)

One of the four fireplaces in the library. All have different works of art on them. Boy-O calls this one "The Death of Violins." (I think it's from reading one too many Terry Prachett novels.)

On Sunday, I also had to work, but at least it was outside (lovely Minnehaha Park - possibly my favorite place in the Cities).
We handed out (literally) thousands of frozen fruit bars to the walkers post-race.

Apparently the little Corgi needed some fruity refreshment as well.

And just to prove that I have been knitting:

We're ready to divide for the raglan shaping now. This cardi is really coming together quickly. Perhaps I'm working so hard because I want to get on to something from Knitting Nature. I am seriously eyeing that asymmetrical tank in Cotton Classic...


  • Wow. That is an amazing library! How refreshing to see that trend instead of all the California (and I've heard elsewhere) trends where voters choose to stop funding libraries all together!

    Nice work on the cardigan. I'm going to have to check that nature book out. If it is that motivating, it's definitely worth the (discounted) price!

    By Anonymous Mom-O, at 7:09 AM  

  • The library looks amazing. I love libraries and spending time with them. With fireplaces, I would probably never leave. Libraries are one of my favorite places. You looked awesome too! Love the dress!

    By Blogger Wanda, at 3:18 PM  

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