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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Next Big Thing

I'm flattered by your kind comments on Goddess 2.0; it was an enjoyable knit and I am super proud that I managed to finish something besides a scarf! Lately I've been kinda scatterbrained.

The new cardigan is going well - after the DK weight I used for the last sweater, the Softwist Bulky feels huge. After two not-very dedicated days of work, here's how it looks:

This is the best I could do for photography. I guess I misunderstood the husband when he said to use a white piece of paper to get more light reflected in the picture. I'll get him to take a better shot when there is interesting progress to show. (Still, three inches! Whee!)

Even though the yarn is a heavy worsted, which normally means work in pieces so that the seams will add stability, I decided to work in the round. I figure the less finishing I have to do, the more likely something will get finished!


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