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Friday, May 19, 2006

Treasure Chest

Treasure chests, I think, are different for different moods. Were I feeling expansive and civic-minded, I might posit that this is definitely one of the best:

The new Minneapolis Central Library. I'll be at the opening gala tonight.

I'm of two minds about this building. While I love the light (I've had a sneak preview, so I know how incredible it looks from inside), The metal overhang messes with my head. I keep expecting it to come crashing down on me.
Still, it's an amazing building, and it holds millions of books that anyone can access, one of the things I treasure most.

However, if I am feeling a bit more self indulgent, I'd say the KnitPicks package which arrived yesterday definitely qualifies as a treasure chest:

That's Knitting in the Old Way, by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts - a classic knitting book I have coveted for some time; it was one of the first books that made me think designing my own sweaters was even remotely possible, let alone worth it - a couple skeins of KnitPicks Elegance, since I haven't tried it yet, and Norah (!) Gaughan's (!) NEW (!) BOOK(!) .
[Yes, I do in fact mean to be shouting. Whoo!]

Hot diggity damn. I've been waiting nearly twenty years for this. The woman is a genius of knitting. I think she may just be a genius, period. Even my math geeky spouse thinks this is one cool book.
Each chapter of the book has a theme, and its garments are all based on interesting natural forms - pentagons, fractals, spirals, etc. There are coats, tunics, wraps and tanks that are all calling my name - highly unusual for me. So many of the current crop of knitting books out there are geared towards newer knitters that I often feel left out. This, however, is exactly my speed.
I can't wait to be done with the current project so I can start something from this book!

Speaking of which, the basic black cardi continues to progress:

9 inches and counting. Only 7 more to go before it gets interesting...

I'm really sorry to have found this yarn just as Berroco's discontinuing it. It's lush and soft and I'm enjoying the smooth, easy knitting. Fortunately, the worsted version of Softwist is still around.


  • I love libraries, but I know what you mean about the difference between the modern and the old, especially the metal overhang, definitely a dichotomy for the mind and spirit. I haven't ever checked out Knitting in the Old Way, but I have the Norah Gaughan book from the library and I adore this book. So many great patterns. Some of them are out there and not my style, but then for it to be 100% my style, I guess I'd have to design it all, right? I'm very happy with her book and definitely one that I will need to own. I'm working on a design of her's from IK and am just lovin' it!

    By Blogger Wanda, at 9:51 AM  

  • p.s. and her sizes are great for those that are larger, she fits them for everyone, which is just awesome!

    By Blogger Wanda, at 9:52 AM  

  • I'm bookmarking your blog to add to my sidebar! It's cool!

    Holy s**t, the library looks amazing, but wassup with the overhang? Yeesh. Oh well. New York doesn't have interesting architecture anymore––too much corruption in the building materials trade.

    I wonder what knitting books the creative (600) section will have.

    By Anonymous sahara, at 8:54 AM  

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