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Friday, March 04, 2005

Random Revelations

Things I have learned in the past couple of weeks:
  • There is a fabulous new search engine for those of us who need a little gansta in our day.
    (Giggle. Snort. Or should that be Gizzigle?)
  • The above was discovered via Superstarra-ville, hosted by the charming Christie (scroll down to check out her lovely Clapotis).
  • Grooming epiphany: palm-rolling one's dreadlocks is exactly the same procedure as spit splicing. (Who knew?)
  • Dropping a pair of 10 lb weights on your foot is likely to make you a) limp and b) use langauge of which your mother would not approve.
  • The Boy-O, lover of all things geek, has found a craft project for someone even crazier than I am.
  • I am obsessed with all things wedding. This is probably good, since mine is coming up in 36 days (insert frantic scream here). Right now, Im stuck on cake. After seeing the Harlot's Wool Pigs, I considered asking my Mom to make a yarn textured cake, but am refraining. Today, at least.
I am taking off both weekend days, though I will probably end up working on the spring newsletter from home (it's too noisy to even think at my desk). But since public promises have a way of coming true (or shaming one into action), during this weekend, I hereby promise to:
  • finish the second FBS,
  • start the next wedding project (36 days!! - this will also be my entry into the Delphine along)
  • swatch my KnitPicks yarn,
  • go outside at least once, despite the weather,
  • and kiss my sweetie repeatedly.


  • LOVE the search engine. LOL. I'm playing some Gin and Juice right now. Now if I could just knizzizle, at work too... ;)

    By Blogger Gewel, at 7:13 AM  

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