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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Happily Hooking

The last few days have been extremely busy with my day job, so very little crafting has been done. A few rows here and there on the Skirt That Will Not Die, some swatching and measuring for the top to go with it (pictures soon!) , but mostly working on the stuff that pays the rent.

However, I am rediscovering a skill I've neglected for too long.

Patons Classic Merino in Paprika. I am really starting to like this "non-orange" shade of orange.

Challenged by a friend of mine, I figured I'd see if I still remembered how to crochet.
Wonder of wonders, it came back in a flash. I am unreasonably pleased with myself.

Crochet vs Knitting: I learned both crafts around the same time, but knitting was always more my "thing." At the time I began my fiber explorations, most everything was written for right-handers, so learning to reverse it all was difficult. Another huge factor was that there were much more fashionable resources available for knitting, and the bulk of the crocheted items I saw were just that: bulky and old-fashioned. I didn't really want to make doilies or TP covers then (although that may have changed - have you seen this?), so I became almost exclusively a knitter.

Later in my knitting career, I got a hold of a *fabulous* special issue from Vogue Knitting that I still love - if you can find it, do pick it up. And not long after there were great new books like Melissa Leapman's Crochet with Style - for my money, it's still one of the best for wearable crocheted garments. Nowadays, of course, many more resources are becoming available.
Yet it's still a skill I rarely exercise.
So I decided it's going to be my new Crafty Grrl resolution - make better use of the other skills I've got! Should be fun.


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