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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Just a Quickie

One of the strangest things about being on the Internet is the change it makes in your language. Particularly the prodigious use of acronyms that haven't anything to do with what they refer to. As knitters, of course, we frequently refer to "frogging," "HALFPINTs", S.A.B.L.E. and S.E.X. *

I am thinking about this because I recently caved in to all the peer pressure and ordered a small bit of the KnitPicks yarn to check it out - since it wasn't much, I guess that makes this particular round of SEX a quickie?

In any case, here's the goods. I'll report on the test drive when I've more time.

The 2nd picture is a much more accurate representation of the colors (thank you, my clever, clever Boy-O, for explaining the concept of the F-stop), but you can see the texture a bit more in the first one.
The green is Andean Silk - so far, feels really lovely. I am enjoying fondling the skein in between rounds of the Skirt That Will Not Die. I only ordered a couple of skeins to check it out before committing to a man-sized project - I want to make something really soft for my fella with this (he's sensitive, bless him).

The carroty orange (a new color for me, but lately I've been obsessing about it) is Wool of the Andes - feels sturdy and practical. I suspect I will enjoy this a lot. Ordered 8 skeins for me; may become a slim fitting cardi.

And I also ordered 8 skeins of the Merino Style in Storm. Ooh. This is no Maratona (or Jaeger Extra Fine Merino, Julia), but it does feel quite soft. I stuck a bit of it down the shirt to see if the skin reacted and so far so good. Will likely become a sleeveless turtle pour moi.

In other news, my first Color Knitting class went quite well. We made funky, stripy wrist warmers and everyone seemed to really enjoy playing with the colors. One of the students even got around to practicing duplicate st (she's a continental knitter, so she's quite the speedy one).
The craziest thing though: in spite of the fact that we're in Mpls, everyone was either originally from Chicago or had a very strong connection to it. There was lots of gabbing and enjoyment of that fact (not to mention reminiscing about the fast food. Mmmm... Demon Dogs.)
I'm very much looking forward to tomorrow's session - we're starting Fair Isle!

* Frogging - unraveling one's knitting ("Rip it, rip it")
HALFPINT - not Laura Ingalls Wilder, but a sweater you lust after, but are too busy to make ( Have a Lovely Fantasy Project, I've No Time).
SABLE - Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy
SEX - Acquiring Yarn, usu. on a yarn shop crawl (Stash Enhancement eXpedition)


  • oooh ... can't wait to hear more about the knitpicks yarn! And yes, this makes it a quickie -- just as good as a long drawn-out SEX (and you can't complain about free shipping)!

    By Blogger Jenifer, at 9:10 PM  

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