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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

It's alive!

I feel as if I haven't been here in ages. I know that's ridiculous, since it was only last Friday that I blogged about my birthday/winter malaise, but I had made a promise to myself not to come back here til I had something good to show you.
Thus I present the first of my two Flower Basket Shawls:


This adorable (IMNSHO) little scarflet is just the thing for the best ladies. Instead of the edging pattern as given, I did a garter st bind off which took forever.

To do it, all I did was cast on two sts at the beginning of the row, then K1, K2 tog (the last cast on stitch joins with the st on the needle. Next row: K2. Repeat til completely, utterly bored, then continue until the thing is actually bound off.
It looks a bit ruffly at the moment, but should block out just fine as it is stretching round the sloped sides of the triangle.

This pattern is wonderful. It's an easy lace (a patient beginner could handle it), the charts are well done, and the result is far more beautiful than the effort indicate.

In other news, the birthday goodies continue:

Adorable handmade stitch markers. The green ones have little charms of eggs, pots and kitchen utensils (because culinary school is still in my plans). The larger yellow & amber ones are just beautiful (plus she knows how goofy I am about the dogs, so there's one of those in there too. Heh.)
What I can say? The Mom-O rocks. (And no, you can't have her for your MIL. She's mine.)


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