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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Throwing Down the Gauntlet

Whoo-hoo! Claudia and Ginx are in on the Delphine-Along, which means it must be madness the coolest idea I've had yet.
I'd love to see Aubergine on this list as well - I bet a manly interpretation of Wilson's work would be stunning and clever in his capable hands.

Since I had yesterday off, I spent a good deal of time clicking through images from Delphine Wilson's web site to identify what elements, specifically were calling to to me.
I came up with these four:

Please note: These images are all copy right Delphine Wilson & her photog(s).
They do not belong to me, and I am using them only for my own instruction.

The elements that strike me are as follows:
1) Upper left: The wrapped sleeve is fiendishly clever. I adore this and must try it.
2) Upper right: The two-tone raglan is subtle and sexy, all at once.
Note that since the double decrease begins mid chest, the lower edge would not pointed, but the mock turtleneck does dip into a vee.
3) Lower left: Subtle shaping, romantic cuffs and dropped sts. I have been playing around with these in some things I've been desigining lately , and I think they add a beautiful decorative accent that is sexy without being risque (we'll just leave that to the plunging neckline, eh?).
4) Lower right: This bodice plays into every princess fantasy I've ever had. I love the ribbed square neckline*, the neat short-row sleeve caps, and the gorgeous cables.

There are other fabulous items (A red cardigan that is too lush to be believed, for starters), but these were the ones that seemed like I could finish this year most resonated with me. The princess pullover will probably be my starting point.
I have about 1300 yds of natural colored alpaca that should work perfectly. Hmmm...I'll be swatching tonight.

*Also one of my favorite things to design - I hate crewnecks.


  • 4.) Not to mention nipples!! Haha, what I really mean is I like square necklines, too.

    By Blogger Laura, at 7:56 PM  

  • Hee -I know jhust what you mean, Laura - the chick in the picture looks, ahem, *cold*!

    By Blogger Cher, at 6:23 PM  

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