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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Like a bad penny...

I don't actually know where that expression comes from or why it means what it means (that someone or something - usu. unwanted - always returns), but you can see a couple of guesses here and here. In any case, I just mean that the Boy-O and I have safely returned from our trip to attend Grandaddy Rep's memorial service.

The service was lovely, and I got to meet many more Repennings than I ever expected to before my wedding. Boy-O's mom did a lovely job organizing the event - I think both the scientists and the family understood the old man a bit more.

I'm exhausted and need to shower, so there will be more at another time, including a little bit of knitting that I managed to get done. For the moment, I leave you with this lovely photo from Cheyenne, Wyoming:

There. Are. No. Words.


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