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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

What a feelin...

As promised, my modified Leg-o-Chic Warmers are DONE! (Whoo-hoo! Drinks all around & Irene Cara on the jukebox!)

Flashdance, anyone?

Since these weren't the most complex of projects, I decided to mix it up a little and play with the decreases:

Whack decreases on the left, cool ones on the right.

On the left calf, I consciously kept all the decreases in knit sts, rather than the random fashion I used on the right (decrease type depended on what sts I came to before the marker). That second method, I think, was preferable.
That they don't match is of no consequence - I figure anybody who sees me in my legwarmers will be marrying me, and therefore doesn't carry if my sox don't match. (Sigh - I love that boy.)

Speaking of, here is the sleepyhead himself in the hat I made him before we left for Denver:

Top of the AWESOME Noro Kureyon 1 skein man hat. J'aime spiralling decreases. Tres elegant.

This is what the colors actually look like, though this is not what my honey usually looks like. The drugged-out look is 'cause it was 2 am...

Didn't think I'd enjoy Kureyon in a textured pattern quite this much, but I love it. I must have more. When payday comes, lookout...


  • I've got 2 balls of Kureyon just sat here wondering when they'll ever be used. I really like the hat, you did spiraling decreases? Is it a pattern you did yourself? Anyway, looks good. And yay... we got accepted to the knit bloggers ring on the last day!

    By Blogger Tracy, at 2:53 AM  

  • those legwarmers are cute, i dont care what anyone says. That hat you made is awesome too! i love the color range!

    By Blogger the knitrider, at 9:56 AM  

  • Tracy: The hat is a pattern I made up, but a great one can be found at

    Knitrider: Kureyon is addictive, especially because it doesn't really repeat! I *need* more Very Soon! You can find it for a bit less than the usual here:,_noro.shtml

    By Blogger Cher, at 7:52 PM  

  • Hey, thanks for that heads up on the noro! btw, that shizuka cardigan is very cute! hope you find time to make it!

    By Blogger the knitrider, at 2:17 PM  

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