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Monday, January 24, 2005

Newbie doo-be-doo...

I met the cutest girl @ the bus station today. (Don't be thinking foolish thoughts. We were at the local Transit Center heading to our respective places of work.)

She noticed me knitting away on my version of the Legg-o Chic Leg warmers (Lovely pattern, Bonne Marie - thanks! Pics tomorrow.) and was fascinated by my knitting in the round. Turns out she and a group of her friends are teaching themselves --they even have a little club-- but some things just aren't so easy to get from a book. Of course, now that she's seen it done, it makes total sense. I encouraged her to be brave and give it a try.

Now I'm thinking there needs to be a photo tutorial on this, as the ones I've seen were either blurry or line drawings. Hmmm...gotta research that.

In other news, the Boy-O (my genius, genius beloved) has set up the email accounts for and is helping me learn all about coding for the new website ( I'm designing the look of it, and we will make it happen soon. Very exciting stuff!


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