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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Purple Reigns

Since I live in Minnesota, I feel well within my rights to be channeling the spirit of the purple one (i.e., The Artist Formerly Known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince and am going on something of a purple yarn jag. I’m helped in this effort by copious amounts of stash, some of which I present below:

No, it isn't a keyboard cozy...

This is good old Lion Brand Homespun, discovered years ago at Midwest Yarns on the northwest side of Chicago. No labels, no yardage listed, but it’s roughly 26oz. This should be enough to create the following:

Ahh! she's being eaten by her sweater - quick, hide the children!

This sweater, designed by Norah Gaughan, one of my knitting heroines, is from the Fall 2001 FCEK. It will provide me with excellent movie knitting, as the pattern is so simple and mindless. Since the Boy-O and I have Netflix, We would like to take full advantage of it.

But what of the manly knit? That Sweater (do anyone else's unruly projects take on capitals when they are displeased with them?) is on hold – indefinitely - because I have decided I just can’t take it anymore. I would rather poke myself in the arm with a large pitchfork than continue to work on the sleeves.
Perhaps I will feel more inclined to tackle it when I am done with Thanksgiving.

On an unrelated but very cool note, I’m dictating this blogging tree (er, blog entry) to my computer. It is slow going, but very entertaining to watch the computer try to translate what I’m saying. And it’s a lot easier on my wrists, which have been very sensitive of late.
(Edited for Lame Spelling Errors 12.3.04)


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