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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Working for a livin'...

Sometimes, my (day) job is really fabulous.
I am insanely thrilled at the coolness of two events I engineered recently. One of these is a community support day, where we donate 5% of the day's sales to a good cause. We had one of these on Tuesday for the Minneapolis Public Schools. I don’t have final numbers yet, but turnout was pretty good.

These are pictures drawn by the students which we posted all over the store, and bookmarks with student art that helped promote this event.

Three of our local schools will be the recipients of our customers’ generosity. I can’t wait to hand out that check (go public school!).

Wednesday, on the other hand, was a really cool event of a different nature. Chris Kimball, of America’s Test Kitchen/Cook’s Illustrated fame, visited our store for a Q&A and book signing.

He is really something - very funny and personable. The audience loved him and the line for autographs stretched halfway across the store. (Whoo-hoo!)

In knitting news, the sleeves of the Manly Knit are still not worth blogging about. Therefore, captured below for your amusement, are some of my latest & greatest knits.

These are for a class on easy scarves... my designs.

And this lovely thing is for my wedding. It’s an adaptation of an old Vogue Knitting (henceforth referred to as VK) pattern by the awesome Lily Chin*.

Here's a close up of this beautiful fabric.

Lily’s got a great, sexy holiday tank featured in the latest VK that may also make an appearance at my wedding. Very beautiful indeed. I had a different idea for the bodice, but this top could change my mind.

I really do have to get back to the wedding knitting (less than six months!), but it's so nice to be working on something that isn't winter white...

*(Disclaimer/FYI/whatever you wanna call it: I was fortunate enough to work with Lily a few years ago as part of her book, The Urban Knitter). Fabulous lady, fabulous book, and a really fun project. )


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