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Thursday, November 11, 2004

One down, fifty to go...

In my shameful pile of unfinished objects, there is a surprising number of sweaters which are still in pieces. This, of course, is because I object so strongly to the Sewing Up of all Things Knitted.
One of these objects is a Sweater for the Boy-O. The knitting, of course, has been finished since, er, a while ago (cough*July*cough) . I was excused by the quite warm weather we have been having of late. Until today. The Star Tribune, deeply concerned with all things weather, announced that it is about to be 15 degrees. That's right: fifteen measly degrees.

So what did I do? Finish the sweater my baby so obviously needs?
Of couse not. I made him a hat instead:

My favorite dockworker with his favorite beverage...

It is my first completed ISM project. And while it is not, perhaps, a masterful example of my prowess as a knitter, it is Warm. And Wool. And my Boy-O's head will no longer be cold.

My work here is done.


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