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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Bad Spellers of The World - Untie!

A colleague of mine has serious, er, spelling "challenges." It frequently results in riotously funny stuff that brightens an otherwise ordinary workday.
He is also quite a good artist, and his ability to draw lovely pictures frequently takes my breath away.
This co-worker turned me on to the work of another cool artist, Michael Birawer, whose work makes me terribly happy, as his subjects are both my newly adopted city of Minneapolis and my hometown of Chicago.

On a totally different note, the awesome knitter behind At My Knit's End turns out to be a radical and elegant political thinker as well. She has expressed more fabulously than I ever could the reasons why we liberals are still angry, upset, and depressed over the election. Kerstin completely inspires me. My hat is so off to you, my dear, that I may never don it again.


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