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Saturday, November 13, 2004

No Promises, No Demands

Netflix rocks. It brought me 13 Going on 30, which I would never have been caught dead at in the theatre but could happily see in the privacy of my own home. I am a fan of the lovely Jennifer Garner (though she kinda walks like a drag queen trapped in a woman's body) and thought it was sweet, in a contrived way. It was nice to see her smile instead of watching her be all angsty with SpyDaddy.
If you haven't seen the movie and are a fan of the 80s, know that the soundtrack features Pat Benatar (The Original Riot Grrrl) whose music made my own angsty childhood that much better.

In keeping with the theme of today, we had a leisurely sort of a day. No work, just couple time. In spite of the goofiness of the hat I made, the Boy-O wore it proudly all day as we biked round Lake Harriet and Linden Hills:

My favorite band boy... The last of Mpls' street cars.

As a reward for struggling up the hills of South Minneapolis, we had lunch at Turtle Bread Company.
It was our first visit, but it will not be the last. Mmmm. (The wild rice soup, among other things, was too good to be believed.)

Of course, as my real reward, there was a pit stop at Needlework Unlimited, since we were in the neighborhood. I restrained myself and only scored a few goodies:

I love New Stuff!!

Emboldened by the, er, “success” of the Boy-O’s hat, I am determined to see how fast I can make a simple wrap on the ISM. (I blame the giant skein of Plymouth yarn. It called to me. Practically begged me to try it.

YARN: Oh, just make a little swatch. You know you wanna.
ME: You know I have ten other projects going. This isn’t going to be an exclusive relationship.
YARN: I’m not interested in that. I just wanna be used.
ME: What kind of slutty yarn are you anyway?
YARN: Slutty? You’re only slutty if you get caught. And who’s gonna know? I won’t tell if you won’t.

So this:

I [heart] my swift & ball winder. They make everything go faster.

Quickly became this:


Close ups of the lovely lace pattern on the ends.

The ISM is rocking my world, and I don’t think it’s gonna stop anytime soon.I have so much yarn in stasis; I always refer to the stash as my retirement fund. Now I think I’ll actually be able to make the boring bits on the machine, and do the fun stuff by hand before I lose interest get busy with other things.
The careful observer will note that these lace ends do not exactly match. I was too lazy to chart out the reverse of the pattern, and I didn’t think about working both ends and grafting them in the middle till I was too far gone for that to do any good. But I love it - not bad for only my second try, eh? - and I can’t wait to do the finishing on this piece. Whoo-hoo! Score another one for instant gratification.


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