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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

How We Spent Our Thanksgiving Vacation

An essay in pictures (with a few words for good measure) by Boy-O and Cher:

Our lovely dinner. We actually sat at the table like real grown-ups. I was so proud.

In short, the Parents-O were not able to make it, so it was just us and the pups. There was eating, speedy dog runs throughout our tiny apartment, more eating, a good chunk of knitting, (I'm already 10" into the sleeves on this bad boy), eating again, Scrabble [in which the Boy-O is definitely the Man-O - damn, did he kick my butt], a little more eating, and general love and affection.

We also actually left the house for a little while to see The Incredibles. Heh. I don't know if it's meant to be subversive, but disdain for the whole overly PC ever-widening circle of "specialness" is clearly evident. The Boy-O and I had a pretty good discussion about it afterwards, and we decided that it was definitely a good action flick (We liked it better than Spiderman 2, for example), but thought the message was a bit obscure.

[If you're really interested, we decided that the general thrust of the film is that some conformity is necessary for the good of society, but that some people are just better at things than others - and that's okay. Not everyone can be equal in all categories. And not being "special" in the way that you want to be can actually prevent you from recognizing your specialness in a different area. If you really want more, see the Boy-O.]

All in all, a fabulous weekend. I was sorry to go back to work.


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