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Sunday, July 22, 2007

"Oh, we're halfway there..."

(I just loved the band Bon Jovi. Ok, ok -- really I loved Richie Sambora, but then he turned out to be all tacky and slutty in the end... too bad.)

At any rate, we have reached the (theoretical) halfway point in our pregnancy!
If it lasts the expected 40 weeks, the little one should show up in early December. Whoo!

So far, so good. I mostly feel fine (though I still have bouts of morning sickness - ugh!), and have lost a little bit of weight, which I attribute to chasing after the kiddos and our tendency to take mile-long walks with them.
My Doc isn't worried, so neither am I. As she says, babies tend to take what they need, and you can't force-feed yourself. Staying hydrated is the most important thing, and that's not been a problem.

The in-laws are in town to celebrate the Boy-O's birthday, and we have had a blast. They generously offered to baby-sit so that my husband and I could have an actual date.
(I won't mention that the hot date in question started with a big ol' nap!)

In knitting news, the weather's been completely wet for the last few days, and I want to be knitting again. Though I have several projects in the works, all of them are boring me right now, and I'm dying to work something for the Bean. So I started swatching for this blanket:

It's from Vogue Knitting on the Go Baby Blankets, which I guess from the price on Amazon is out of print. The little blips of texture are sheep! Hee. So cute.

My kid must have the most tense mama in the world: I'm using Swish DK (Shameless work-related plug: New! Lighter weight! Just as soft!) but am consistently getting 6 sts/in. Sigh.
Perhaps I need to take relaxation lessons from Xena.
(Yes, that's me and my giant preggo bosom in the picture.)

Now, for a garment, I'd wash and block my swatch so that I'd know the gauge for sure -- gauge tends to change once you've treated the swatch the way you plan to treat the actual item --
but I'm just not prepared to be so uptight about something that's likely to be covered in spit up and breastmilk. So Uptight Mama is going to switch needle size and go with the flow.
We'll see what happens. Hopefully this cool-ish weather will stick around long enough to encourage some actual progress!

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