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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Preggie Brain

In lieu of actual knitting content (my current projects are wool, and it is Far Too Hot to Knit here):

Wanda (check out her fabulous Horcrux socks, BTW) asked a couple of days ago how the pregnancy was progressing. I am pleased to report: pretty darned good thus far.
We had a brief ultrasound today, and both the tech and the doctor who reviewed the scan said that everything looked really good. It's so weird: the little thing actually looks like a person now.
(Last time we saw it, it was sort of a bouncing ball of blobby, vaguely humanoid tininess. Cute, but completely alien.)

So of course, the tech was kind enough to print a few pictures for us, and of course I took them to work and forced my co-workers to admire the adorable person-to-be who has taken up residence in my midsection, and of course I. Left. The. Bleeping. Roll. Of. Pictures. On. My. Desk.
(Grr. Arrgh.)

So no pics for y'all. Whoops.
I claim 'pregnancy brain.' It is a fabulous malady, causing no actual pain but guaranteeing you instant sympathy. Pretty sweet, n'est pas?
Perhaps tomorrow, if I can get my act together.



  • I'm glad to hear all is well with the pregnancy. I've heard "pregnancy brain" is no joke. Hopefully the 1st trimester will be done soon and back to having more energy. Waiting to see those baby pics!

    By Blogger WandaWoman, at 4:08 PM  

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