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Monday, July 16, 2007


Though most of my time these days is spent like this:

I am occasionally, grudgingly, allowed to do a smidgeon of this:

I take the absolute worst pictures of yarn - I have no idea why.
(If I ask the Boy-O, he'll tell me - in detail. Problem is, the explanation always starts off in English, but ends up in Photographer, and I am Not a Photographer.)

Anyway, this little snippet is a swatch I'm working on in Andean Silk for the October catalog. I can't give any details, but I'm pretty excited about creating a piece in this lovely, soft yarn.
But I can tell you that the Lantern Moon needles I'm using are beyond fabulous. Smooth and gorgeous - they'd be perfect for silk or other slippery yarns.
I highly recommend that you go & get yourself some!



  • I'm glad you have a chance to knit here and there. Hope the kids aren't keeping you too crazy busy! How's the pregnancy going?

    By Blogger WandaWoman, at 1:25 AM  

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