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Friday, May 25, 2007


(Picture-heavy post. If you're on dial up, you may wanna get a cup of coffee while this loads...)

While the rest of the country wonders where the bees are, I know the answer.

They're on my lawn.

The little ranch house we rent has a massive giant generous spray of bee pheromone lavender along the walkway, and consequently, every bee in a 40-mile radius of Portland is hanging out.
Fortunately, for me, I have a stuffy nose and can't smell it.
Unfortunately for me, the neighborhood postal manager has asked that we cut it back. After two (admittedly gentle) attempts, it looks exactly the same as it did last week.

Sigh. I'm trying not to kill it, but I would like it to calm down a bit.
There's only so many sachets and batches of lavender chicken a girl can make, you know?
Any gardening experts out there who can steer me in the right direction?

[Aside: Both Boy-O and I are apartment children. The whole business of lawn mowing is foreign to our experience. And what's with the plot of grass out front? Doesn't that belong to the city? Isn't that technically their job?
At any rate, we have given up on the ancient electric mower left to us by the owners and are heading out to buy ourselves a reel mower. May as well get some exercise with my new-to-single-family-housing trauma.]

There are things about the lawn that I'm enjoying, however.

This little ferny circle of goodness, for example. If it were my house, the whole lawn would look like this.

B says this looks like giant celery. I think it's something fancy from New Zealand.

The back yard is also thriving under our benign neglect.

Especially the mint.

And the bamboo.

And the pooches.

Tom, tom the attention slut...

Happy Belly girl in the sunshine.

But what is this I spy?

A copy of "Glamour Knits," by Erika Knight. One of the many fabulous prizes in Claudia's MS Ride Fundraiser. Please give a donation, if you can.
If this one doesn't tempt you, check out the rest of the prizes here.

This weekend looks a little weak for knitting. Boy-O and I are playing (cleaning) house, since we're going to host some dear visitors in about a month.
A semi-impromptu trip to the Seattle IKEA last Sunday provided most of what we need for the housing of our nearest and dearest, so this weekend will provide ample time for us to put it all together.
Hopefully, we can get the lawns tidied as well. Or, you know, cover it all with black plastic and start over. Whatever.
Enjoy your Memorial Day to those who are celebrating.
May the remembrances of those lost be filled with more joy than sorrow.

[PS to Courtney: Na-na-na-na-nah-nah!]



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