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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


No, it's not a weird variation on a sports term, but among the many joys (?) of pregnancy.
See here for details.

As a result of said NVP, today's blog is somewhat light on the action.
Lacy Waves needs more brain power than I currently have, I screwed up the duplicate stitch on "Buster" and need to make a decision, and I've started a new unbloggable project because certain Sisters may or may not be visiting the blog and will thus ruin the surprise.

Instead, I'll have to offer up the old chestnut of seven random things about me. I don't know how random they'll turn out to be, but hey - that's the price you pay for genuine randomness, isn't it?

1) As I've previously mentioned, my family is huge. So large, in fact, that I wouldn't know some of them to see them. This point was brought home to me when it turned out that my 7th grade math teacher was my dad's cousin.

2) Of all the math classes I took, Algebra is the one I use most on a daily basis.

3) Boy-O and I have wildly divergent taste in music. When we moved in together, we discovered we had exactly one CD in common. (Mi Tierra, by Gloria Estefan)

4) Neither of us actually speaks Spanish, so we're mostly guessing what the songs are about.

5) I have never learned to drive. Not a car, not a boat, not a motorcycle: I have never held a license of any sort.

6) Except for a food handler's license (in both MN and IL).

7) If my life had gone according to the plan I made in 2002, I would currently be a restaurant chef. I'd arranged my entire life so that this could happen: moving to the north side of Chicago to be close to campus, gotten accepted at Kendall College, and started working in the natural foods industry. Instead, I knit for a living.

Random enough, eh? Now let's hear it from y'all.



  • Dammit, you're on to me! You know how I feel about surprises...

    By Blogger Courtney, at 9:55 PM  

  • How's the pregnancy going? For going to culinary school, how did you end up knitting for a living?

    By Blogger WandaWoman, at 10:37 PM  

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