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Monday, November 28, 2005

Postprandial Haze

I once read that expression in a book, and for some reason it stuck with me. (Don't ask which book, for goodness' sake - I was an English Literature major. There were thousands of books to be read and discussed and debated.*)

But that is truly the correct expression of our after-Thanksgiving mood. Wouldn't you feel that way after this?

That, my friends, is Crispy Roast Duck with Fig & Port Sauce, Spicy Rosemary Greens, and a Sweet Potato Casserole which I have not yet named. (It was quite tasty, though.)
Not pictured is the classic Cornbread Stuffing, without which Thanksgiving would be incomplete. I've got to remember to make my cornbread the day before, though - crumbling hot bread is not my idea of a good time.

Since it was just the two of us, we had rather a simpler dinner than we would've otherwise.
For dessert, I made Brandied Peaches. *That* was amazing.

But - on to the knitting! With three days off this week, I did manage to finish the knitting of the Manly Scarf which may or may not be for any one of the fatherly persons I am associated with.
Here it is modeled by the adorable-even-in-illness Boy-O:

He's so cute. I kept asking him about this scarf - if the colors were good, if ti was long enough, etc., and couldn't really get an answer. Finally, he fesses up:

Boy-O: I'm not really excited about this one.
Me: Oh, yeah? How come?
Boy-O: It's not for me.
Me : !!!!
(Use your imaginations. It was somewhere between an unladylike snort of amusement and an exasperated sigh.)

So the upshot of it all is that I've temporarily broken my Yarn Fast in order to supply my loved one with a shiny new scarf. Well, non-shiny, actually, since he is anti-attention-getting anything.
We've ordered six skeins of this (possibly the least shiny yarn ever) to match the yarn he picked out for his honeymoon hat.
Hopefully the dye lots will be similar enough. In any case, he was clever enough to pick out a lovely stitch from The First Treasury (Diagonal Weave) that I can memorize, but not be bored by. Should be a fun project!

* Though it may also have been this book, which I own and love.


  • It sounds like your Turkey Day dinner was yummy! The Spicy rosemary greens sound delightful. The scarf is very nice and it's cute that your dh wants one! That's enough reason to break the fast, for sure. Gotta keep those hubbies happy!

    By Blogger Wanda, at 11:00 AM  

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