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Monday, May 30, 2005

Monogamy Bites

Dear Purple Cardigan,

I tried. Hard. I really, really did. I’ve been turning all sorts of tricks to make this whole “monogamous relationship thing” work out. I have such fond memories of my last sweater, that darling little lavender tank top – bus rides and long walks together – Lav & I will always be friends.

So when you came into my life, with your luscious merino softness and wonderful hand, I thought for sure that you were The One. The One I could spend weeks with, as I got to know your silken texture and wonderful ability to hold a ribbing.

And for a while, it was great. You and I seemed to want the same things, like the same stitches. And the weather was so bleak and cold for the last month, and I eagerly looked forward to wearing you, all snuggled up and basking in your warmth.

But – you know, things change. The sun came out. Everyone but everyone in the blogiverse is making fabulous summery things – what was I to do? I’m not made of stone, you know. And that red Cotton Classic – you’d have to be a heartless beast not to see that it was just starving for affection. How could I say no to such excellent stitch definition and coolness with this stifling heat we’ve been having? it’s like flying after all the, um, warmth and… closeness you and I have been sharing lately. I think we’re overdoing it. That time you clung to my sweaty leg? Kinda uncool.

Hey – you knew I had a wandering eye when you met me. I can’t understand how you’re surprised. It’s not like I’m unraveling you or something. I just … you know, I need to explore my options a little. Play around with a larger gauge; see what that feels like. I’ll be back. Really.

Keep the desk warm for me, ‘k?



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