The Amazing Adventures of Tom and Bel

Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Night in The Life

As the sweater making is in a dull-ish stage, in lieu of exciting knitting pics, I present to you Cher's Long Walk Home: An essay in photos with pithy captions.

One of the many-- and I do mean MANY -- rabbits populating West Calhoun. (BTW, does any one remember the dumb ass movie about killer rabbits? These guys seem pretty tame, but I'm just sayin'...

Splendor in the grass. Took forever to get this mediocre shot.

Gorgeous flowers on the way home. I *think* they are frittilaria, but I dunno...

Lake Numero Uno... (Lake of the Isles)...

...and Lago Due (AKA Lake Calhoun of the Crowded Paths and Pretty People)

This itty bitty body of water is named, romantically, "Pond."

Lovely light on the architecturally uninteresting buildings. Notice the tiny little moon in the upper right...

This park is actually quite lovely when not under construction.

My beloved and our dinner beverages. Ah, Corona. You wicked mistress, you.

Desperate House Dog.

Bel's thinking: "Grrr, matey. I'd like some of that beer meself."

Now we settle down to a quiet evening of old movies and cardi knitting. It's going quickly, all things considered; it's just not very photogenic.


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