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Thursday, March 31, 2005

March Madness

Dearest blog readers,

Your normally sensible correspondent has officially left the building. She's been consumed by this:

Invites and favors and table cards, oh my!

Yes, friends, the imminent arrival of Our Wedding Day (nine! count 'em - nine days left!!) has left no room in this girl's week for knitting. I will try to rectify that by the weekend, but it ain't looking good. Not to mention the events for work, the raging spring cold which has come down upon me like the wrath of Khan, and the need to occasionally feed and walk the pups and the fiance.
(Tense? Me?? WHAT DO YOU MEAN?? Do you realize I'm getting married in NINE DAYS??)

What little knitting news there is: my sock pal sox are done (I think they turned out great, but I wanted to surprise her, so no photos) . I enjoyed making these, but I hate deadlines (especially ones that are uncomfortably close to other deadlines I am facing -- did I mention the nine days? I did? Oh. Sorry. I repeat myself sometimes. It's congenital.)
Why did I forget that?

No substantive progress on my Delphine Along project, but check out Dani's blog for her awesome progress on "Princess De." This will be a thing of beauty, indeed.

[Edited to fix dumbass spelling errors. Oops.]


  • Wow! Just one more week ... how exciting for you!! (I remember the stress of one week prior to our wedding, and let's just say that a fair amount of booze was consumed in order to deal with the stress of future in-laws on both our sides ... hopefully you're not that stressed.) Have fun this week!

    By Blogger Jenifer, at 9:51 PM  

  • Thank you SO much for the socks! I love them. They're so comfortable and they fit perfectly.
    Also- thank you for your kind words. Your note meant so much to me. I really appreciate it. I apologize for not thanking you right away, I took pictures of the socks, and my feet in the socks...and wanted to make a blog post about it but I am having problems with my website right now and it will be a few more days. I just wanted to take the time to tell you how much I really do appreciate it though, so you don't think that I didn't recieve the package or that I didn't enjoy it.
    Thank you again, and congratulations:)

    By Anonymous peggy depue, at 8:19 AM  

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