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Friday, March 25, 2005

Le Mot (Ad)juste

I think I've mentioned that the Mom-O, when not making lace and lovely beaded things (some of which are for me! Whee!) , is also a knitter. She & I were emailing this morning about the new Vogue Knitting (dang - their site still isn't updated!) and the fact that many of the designs weren't necessarily ready for prime-time as given, since neither of us is a willowy fashion model.
This got me to thinking (dangerous, but I'm willing to take that chance).

I'm a notorious adapter of patterns - the instructions are just a suggestion as far as I'm concerned. I firmly believe that success is all in how you style things.
Let's take that embroidered sleeveless top that I liked so much:

It's fine as written - and even comes in a nice selection of sizes! hurrah! - but if I were to actually make it, I would likely add:
1) Cap sleeves, as I can't go sleeveless at work. This has the added bonus of hiding jiggly bits at the top of the arms, if you're worried about that sort of thing.

2) Waist shaping. I have one and I like that to be evident. I also don't want oodles and oodles of fabric on a summer top.

3) Alternatively, long bell sleeves would be an attractive look. I'd perhaps use super-large needles to make them sheer (like sweater #4 in this same issue. If knit at the same gauge as the body, one could also embroider the cuffs.

4) I might consider changing the neckline as well. I generally prefer v-necks, as I have a rather round face, but from the picture it seems a touch low. I'd check the schematic against other tops I have and like to see where my comfort level is with this.
Another option might be to use clasps along the opening. I love the fancy Norweigian ones, but since all the interest is at the neck, I'd likely just get the little hook-and-eye sets from the fabric store. That way, I could be as (im)modest as I like!

I could go on, but you get the idea. Take a second look at a design that you may have passed over - you may find that a little tweaking brings it back into the realm of the possible.


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