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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Mad, Bad and ...

While having a SATC marathon with the Boy-O last night, we had a great giggle at the episode in which Charlotte lies about her age (technically, a lie of omission, but still). I found it slightly alarming how easily she turned into a silly 20-something - I could see myself doing the same thing. Even though I'm fine with getting older, it doesn't really feel older than 20. Y'know? Which is crazy. And foolish. I'm happy to be in my 30s and wouldn't go back for the world.

(I may be obsessing about the age issue because of the freaky pregnancy dream I had last night. Note to the Mom-O: we're not. It was just a very real-feeling dream. ButI was very disoriented when I awoke this morning, and had to check my non-swollen tummy a couple of times for reassurance.)

And, getting back to the knitting content, La Delphine non est exquise at the moment. There is no photo because it refused to behave last night. I, who have always managed to avoid circular knitting sins, discovered halfway through my comedy marathon that I had managed to join the round with a twist. This produced a Moebius strip which, while technically interesting, is really inappropriate for the type of top I intend to produce. So rip rip rip I went. She is back at the point of yesterday's photograph (i.e., barely started).

Although, now that I think about it, wouldn't that be an interesting top to knit? Make a circular twisted strip, and then pick up sts from the edge? There'd be a tiny gap where the twist was, but still... an interesting possibillity. Hmmm. That sounds like another project to add to the list...


  • ya know, dreams of pregnancy symbolize things that are 'in the works' so to speak.
    are you planning something? a project? a vacation? a trip? getting a new job?
    trying that new baking recipe? that would give 'bun in the oven' a...well, you know.

    By Anonymous gwen, at 6:52 PM  

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