The Amazing Adventures of Tom and Bel

Monday, October 18, 2004

Welcome to the (blog) jungle...

Why am I doing this? Simple. I figure an online journal will force me to keep up with my personal projects. Guilt is a heck of a motivator.
Not to mention the joy of sharing mi vida loca with my friends and family across the online universe.
Okay, truthfully, I got a shiny new digital camera and have to learn how to use it in order to justify the purchase. ;-D

For those who don't already know and love me, a brief bio: I work in marketing for a major retailer. I'm a relatively new resident of the Twin Cities (nine months now - I still get lost regularly), a knitter of many years (presently teaching at the hippest knitting store in Minnesota), a soon-to-be married woman (April! Eek!) and proud companion to two sweet mutts.

As soon as I can figure out the photo software, I will share more of these bad babies. In the meantime, here are some basic (and very bad) digital pix of the fam.

My fiance, Ben. He's really much more focused (ahem!) than this...

Jezebel. See that mess on the floor? That's her wake of destruction.

Tommy. We love him in spite of his neuroses... and there are many.


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