The Amazing Adventures of Tom and Bel

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Adventures in Married Life

Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the Super 8 Motel...

We are back from our grand adventure in Californication and oh! my! goodness! What an adventure it was.

The Boy-O and I packed up the pups and headed down to Salinas to visit with his Dad's side of the family: amazingly, the whole group was present*. All went well until it was time to return to sunny (heh) Oregon and my beloved suggested a trip up 101, so that we'd see different stuff along the way. Since he does all the driving, I wouldn't really say no, though I worried that this would surely lengthen an already long trip. The young man in question breezily assured me that it would, in fact, be fine.

Unfortunately, things didn't quite come together as planned. Rather than bore you with the details of the escapade, let it suffice to say that:
  1. 101 is terribly scary when people whip past you in the driving rain and soup-thick fog because you happen to be going (gasp!) the speed limit...
  2. 101 is even more frightening in the absolute and utter post-sunset darkness that is the distance between coastal towns...
  3. If you think Hwy 34 will be a lovely and straight route from Waldport to Corvallis that will save you dealing with the scariest and windiest of roads:
  4. Think Again.

This message brought to you by the dark and scary Siuslaw National Forest.
(And the ministering angel working the overnight shift at the Super 8...)

* Amazing to me because I come from a family of breeders: between them, my folks have some 20+ siblings. By comparison, my dearest one's family is minuscule.


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