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Friday, January 20, 2006


Well, kids, I'm in. I oughtn't even even consider the Knitting Olympics, but gosh darn it, I am feeling the need for some focus. Despite the huge-mongous projects I have to manage during the stated time frame (or perhaps because of them -- I don't really know), I plan to complete this:

(Picture swiped from Jean Moss' website, where one can purchase this item in handy-dandy kit form. She is a genius. Go buy some stuff from her.)

I have recently learned that my wardrobe is sadly lacking in cardigans.
The Boy-O & I trekked over to Lands' End back in November, where I am ashamed to say I broke down and (gasp!) Bought A Sweater for myself.
[Seriously, does anyone else do that? "I don't need to buy a sweater? I can knit, for goodness sake!" And then you knit yourself exactly No Sweaters of the type you were eyeballing?]

Anyway, I wear this boughten sweater ALL THE TIME. It is peeled off only for bed -- and I will admit to having fallen asleep in it more than once -- and bathing.
So for the sake of my co-workers/loving spouse/darling pets, I must add at least one more cardigan to the paltry collection I presently possess.
I'm planning to use the Shetland Tweed I scored on eBay a while back. Swatching to commence shortly.

I'm even considering a fallback sweater: Alice Starmore's Maidenhair Cardigan (click on the link to see Wendy's beautiful version). That way lies madness, which should help me in my efforts to stay on track with this project!


  • That Jean Moss sweater is very pretty.

    Good luck!

    By Blogger claudia, at 8:09 PM  

  • I do that constantly. That is why I have 3 cardigans on the needles.
    Good Luck with Olympic knitting. I am making a surprise to be revealed in time. Take Care

    By Blogger Jscothammerquist, at 9:53 AM  

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