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Saturday, January 07, 2006

To the MAX

I have been remiss in thanking you all for the kind comments and words of condolence. Please know that I sincerely appreciate your thoughts. They have been a balm to my wounded spirit.

Though we continue to deal with this latest loss, I also wanted to acknowledge the loss of my husband's grandfather just over a year ago. I had been trying to think of something suitable for most of the week, and when I proposed that we spend some time at the Science Museum of Minnesota, my darling boy agreed.
Of course, since we were thinking of Rep, we had to visit their dinosaur collection. We were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the exhibit -- indeed, of the museum itself. From my Chicago-centric perspective, it's something of a cross between The Field Museum and The Museum of Science & Industry, with a little bit of art thrown in for good measure.

I hadn't been to a (non-art) museum for quite a while, and it was a great refresher for me.
I love the fact that Rep was able to make a career out of playing in the dirt. It's something to aspire to, no?

We also saw the IMAX feature Mystery of the Nile. Well, the hubster saw it, as I spent about half of the film with my eyes shut, remembering why I haven't been to an IMAX show in over a decade. Can't imagine how I forgot that IMAX makes me sick - literally. All that swooping camera motion destroys my equilibrium; I haven't been that nauseous for a long time.

(Post show, my darling husband, ever the precise, scientifically-minded fellow that he is -- it really does run in the family -- cheered me up with a bit of snark. Little things, like the fact that the explorers being shown making their landing on the beach, being the 'first' to come down the river and accomplish this arduous journey, were in fact, walking towards the camera -- which would make the camera crew the first persons to have accomplished this. Oops. Or the fact that they hired a crew of Ethiopians to take them on this journey (the credits list is a mile long) and once this fact is mentioned, you never see any of them again - just the five scientists/reporters.)

Still, the scenery was quite beautiful, and made me long for a visit and an adventure of my own.
(Though perhaps not one involving bandits. That was a bit scary.)

After all that, we ended up joining the museum (does this officially make us fusty?) as we figured the cost per usage was quite competitive (thanks, Jenifer, for reminding me of this useful principle!).

Oh, wait. Knitting blog. Y'all probably want to see some yarn, right?
Well, not a lot of knitting is taking place -- thus far, this month is shaping up as the month of swatching. Just playing with lovely colors and texture. I've been picking up single balls of this and that, not committing to any of them, and it's been lovely.

The obsessive observant amongst you might note the book underneath the pile o'swatchdom - something I also intend to play with. To that end, there's also been a teeny little bit of stash enanhancement:

Sigh. All the pretty colors. Don't you just love wool?


  • Yep, I just love my CPU. :) And, I figure that you can half the final number if your money is going to something you believe in, just for the "be the change you wish to see in the world" factor.

    By Blogger Jenifer, at 11:11 AM  

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