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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Finding My Balance

It's funny - the degree to which I was ridiculous, unreasonably displeased with Noro's Silk Garden is exactly the degree to which I am loving their Kureyon.
It is wool. It is beautiful. I will have the Coolest Hat on the Planet.

Part of the problem yesterday, I think, was trying to design the hat on the fly. I admire knitters who do, but that's not how I work best. So, returning to my normal "good knitter" behavior, I swatched up this beautiful stuff, and then went to town.

Lovely, lovely Kureyon...

Bad photo, but the colors are much truer...

I should've been asleep hours ago, but I can't stop knitting this beautiful stuff. I may be finished with this hat by tomorrow. Then we'll see how we feel about that (shudder) other stuff.


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