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Friday, December 31, 2004

What day is it again?

I am perhaps silly to admit this in public, but until I looked at my calendar I had no clue that it was NYE. What used to be a great excuse to stay up late [when we were too young for anything else!] or a hunt for someone to kiss at midnight [that you wouldn't regret the next day] has simply become another quiet evening at home with my beloved Boy-O.
I like it this way; I think he does too.

Instead of cranking out the old standard resolutions (lose weight, self-acceptance**, world peace, bla bla bla) - I am following the example of the lovely Roxane Battle* and making a list of things I 'd like to accomplish in '05.

1) Enjoy the new stash without guilt - use it!

Selected examples of new stash.. the rest won't fit on the chair!

The shiny new goodies collected above are mostly for swatching purposes (submissions to mags, patterns to write for Crafty Planet, classes, etc.) but are also for fun. It frequently astonishes new knitters that someone can (gasp!) enjoy swatching. Sometimes I like to see what yarn could become for its own sake. Just to have the experience of learning what a yarn is capable of and what you can create with it that you wouldnt have otherwise. It's a great learning tool and makes me a better knitter.

2) Sort through the old stash - give away what you will not use, and give the other items a purpose.

Pre-Jeanne's divine intervention...

And after.

As you can see from the above, my future MIL has made an art form of sorting through the daisy-chained boxes of yarn to create order. (I can't believe that someone actually enjoys this process, but she swears that she finds it soothing. Who knew?)
Of course, the fact that she is usually the recipient of my de-stashings might help...

3) More love (and time!) to the Puppy-Os.

The Tominator...

and my pretty Belly girl.

Happy New Year to all!

(*Ms. Battle is co-host of the Kare-11 Today show, where I happened to be a guest yesterday {blush, blush - for my day job, not for knitting}.)

(**And doesn't it seem that those two things are diametrically opposed? I mean, if you're accepting yourself as you are, then losing weight wouldn't really be a goal, now would it?)


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