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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Post-Holiday Haze

Christmas has come and gone, the Family-O have been generously fed (and gave us many lovely presents in return - thank you!), and the best thing of all to report is:

"Professor" Boy-O and his BRAND NEW SWEATER!!!!

Finally! I started this from a pattern in Vogue Knitting's Very Easy Knits back in January.
As the song goes, "I was a stranger in this city" and needed something - anything - familar to keep from feeling all lost and depressed. I missed him something fierce, and wanted to work on something that would let me feel like I was still with him.

Unusually for me, I knitted very slowly on it, and when he moved here in April, the sweater languished for many moons. I finished the knitting in July, blocked the pieces at the end of
November, and finally, at long last, planned to sew the seams and finish ribbing the neckline.
Of course, holiday preparations distracted me, and I resorted to the time-honored custom of guilting myself into finishing. The Mom-O was instrumental in this process. (thank you, Jeanne!)

So: the boy is warm, the sweater looks great, and I am done! Now for my reward: with a trip to my favorite yarn/futon store.

Close-up of ribbing pattern.

The only critic who really matters approves.


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