The Amazing Adventures of Tom and Bel

Saturday, December 11, 2004


So, no, I don't having a raging hangover from the lovely cheap wine we had last night, thanks. Though I think I ought to have. That stuff sneaks up on you - it tastes like fruit punch and drinks like it, too.

The Boy-O was hired for a freelance gig doing PHP orPCP or whatever it is that he spends all his time learning anyway, so I made him a fancy dinner of atlantic char (tastes like a cross between salmon and trout) poached in white wine with aromatics and erm, "fridge-dried" mushrooms.
[Aside: does anyone else do that with button mushrooms? Just put 'em in a weird spot in the fridge, and let 'em slowly become little mushroom mummies? I think they're better like that].
We also had a lovely salad of arugala (we love our bitter greens!) with a brilliant, creamy marinated feta that went just perfectly with a crusty baguette. Ahh. I just love cooking.
[My secret dream is to go to culinary school. This is second only to my other secret dream of becoming a rock star, moving to Tuscany and hosting a musician's retreat for people who aren't super famous, but just love to play. There'd be random jams in the vineyard, great parties every week, and lots of time to cook fabulous Italian-style food. Sigh.]

Returning to reality, I'm still swatching the fabulous Mountain Colors yarn. After searching the BW (all hail the brilliant Barbara Walker! She's the Heroine of My Knitting Career) stitch dictionaries, I came up with a simple diagonal scallop stitch, which looked great, but not with the bias knit rib of the day before. I did a couple of other swatches, but none I felt really strongly about. But I think I've decided what this wants to be - a sweater/jacket: Red Storm.
(A tad melodramatic, I know. But that's the sort of item I envision coming out of this yarn and color way.)
I'll post again when I have a suitable swatch.


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