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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Skin & Ink

Tho' I should be frantically knitting swatches for my upcoming classes, the charming Rachel of Yarn-A-Go-Go got me to thinking about tattoos. It's funny, 'cause I only ever wanted one in my life.

I did a session of student teaching in Masterton, New Zealand - possibly the coolest three months of my life. I'd never been out of the country, I was 21 and had just broken out of a heinous relationship. What do you do to commemorate such a fabulous, life-changing experience? Naturally, you plant it on your skin:

A remnant of my wild and wooly youth. Sorry the picture's lousy. Boy-O was unavailable, so I was trying to take pictures of my own back in the bathroom mirror...

Miss Rachel (wisely, I think) paused to contemplate her tattoo options.
I did, as well: I waited five years to get this one. I've never regretted it once.


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