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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Obsession... You're My Obsession...

Obsessive? Moi??

You know you might have a teeny bit of a problem when the cover of the paper has a picture of a nurse arrested for selling flu shots, and the first thing you think is “Ooh, what a lovely sweater. I didn’t know cowl necks were back in style!”
Hee. I am only mildly ashamed. (In my defense, it was a great sweater. Looked like cashmere.)

I am having the lame week to end all lame weeks: I am sick to my stomach with an evil, evil postnasal drip. I am pretty sure that is the cause, and spent yesterday at home with warm salt water & allergy drugs. Sigh.

The Mountain Colors swatching continues apace.

Ignore the random badness of the photo-I've got a raging headache.

It’s the only thing making me feel better today. I like the bias knit rib, I’m just trying to decide how I want to proceed from here. It’s so lovely (and expensive) that I want to make certain I do it justice.


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