The Amazing Adventures of Tom and Bel

Monday, December 06, 2004

Purple Haze

This weekend was quite a busy one. On Saturday, I decided to block the Boy-O’s sweater. [This, you might recall, is the one that’s been knitted since the summer.]

This book is great source material for well designed knits that make good movie-watching companions.

Gone is the annoying pile, and in its place: lovely blocked bits.

Now that blocking is done, I can set in the sleeves, knit the ribbing for the neckline, And seemed the sides. Should be done this week.

There was also much progress on the purple sweater from FCEK. I finished the second sleeve,

Joined it to the body,

And knitted the yoke.

Following the directions resulted in a Bad Fit.

Let’s examine all the things that went wrong: the mock t-neck was too loose, the reverse stockinette fabric gave a subtle horizontal effect that made me look really wide, and the sweater is just too damned big. Apparently, there is a significant bit of dysmorphia going on here.

Undaunted, I removed the cast off, added a couple of decrease rows and about 2” more neck to get this:

See how much better the fit is? It won’t ever be my most flattering sweater, and if I lose even 5lb., it will be much too large, but the softness and seamlessness please me. Besides, I can always make it a Christmas gift.

The pups were unimpressed with my cleverness -

- although they do seem to be fascinated with the Homespun. If Bel weren't such a Destructo Dog, I'd make 'em a blanket...


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