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Saturday, August 18, 2007


Like nearly everyone else in the knitting universe, I have become completely besotted with Eunny Jang's Autumn Rose Pullover (click for the Simply Shetland 4 slideshow; front and back views are #2 and #3 in the show). A couple of folks I know want to make this as well, so we're having a mini-KAL. Above is a swatch I did while running around town yesterday (taking The Nephew to the last of his very expensive dental appointments, getting school enrollment forms, seeing my OB, etc., etc.) using what I had to hand, which are KP colors.

While I loved most of the colors in the swatch, I somehow forgot in my euphoric enthusiasm for this pattern that brown yarn as background color + brown skin = naked woman with unusual body paint. Whoops.

So I've turned to my personal colorist (i.e., my artistic spouse) and will be swatching with his choices. Should be interesting to see if I can make this without investing the mint I'd need to spend for J&S colors. Stay tuned...

(Baby update: Progressing nicely. I've finally started to put on a little weight -- amazing how that happens when you stop throwing up every day! --and am measuring right on target.
The little Bean is busily kicking away in there, and Boy-O has even been able to feel it if I lie very, very still. Good stuff!)

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  • Yep, you cannot use brown as the base color on brown skin. Brown on brown is just wrong. I was watching something on tv with an AA woman who was doing the layered look. There was a brown top with a green top and both were V-neck. I swear the whole episode whenever she wore that outfit I kept looking at her chest, like OMG she's naked ,what? My bf said the same thing and then we realized it was because she's wearing brown. A friend of mine decided to use KP Palette for hers and she found the project was more affordable, like $26. For that price, I'd consider knitting it!

    I like brown, way too much, but I bought yarn to make a cardigan, but I realize whenever I wear it, I will have to wear a brighter color to balance the almost skin-color like brownness.

    So are your niece and nephew living with you and hubby now? You'll be having kids all over the place now.

    By Blogger WandaWoman, at 11:33 AM  

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